Counterfeit Drug Caution

A Warning from CBS' 60 Minutes about Counterfeit Drugs


  1. If you don't require a prescription.
  2. If prices are too low.
  3. If there is no pharmacy or business accreditation.
  4. If shipping is from within the China or South America.

* Then, these could likely be counterfeit drugs with no active ingredient!

Why there is no need to worry when purchasing from

  1. Prescription is required.
  2. BBB accreditation with 12 year perfect record
  3. Our affiliated Canadian pharmacies and government approved dispensing facilities are CIPA members!
  4. Licensed Canadian doctor reviews your health information and verifies your U.S. prescription, if required.
  5. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
  6. Over 55,000 perfectly satisfied U.S. customers.

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